Sunday, August 15, 2010

Testing, Testing

Well, Analise's GI specialist gave us the go ahead 2 weeks ago to relax a bit on the rotation diet, and go ahead and VERY SLOWLY reintroduce milk and soy into my diet and see what happens. Well.... I never would have dreamed it, but she seems to be FINE with milk in my diet!!!! I started with just a splash in my egg beaters, and continued with small amounts cooked in, and eventually progressed to 2 servings of milk, a weight watchers fudge bar, and a dinner out without restrictions on butter or cheese at an Italian restaurant, all in the same day! Totally amazed! I am really fearful of trying soy, though, as all her flare ups were linked to some sort of minimal soy introduction. I am thinking a cookie I made with soy milk that is sitting in the freezer as my test for tomorrow. Then probably nothing for 2 days to see. I am anxious to hear when they will allow me to try eggs, and now yogurt and cheese with her directly!

Also this week, is our annual visit and testing with the Allergist. Both girls are going, Alexis took the day off, and BOTH should be getting tested. May the force be with us! Keep checking back for results! Testing is Wednesday, and results take up to 3 weeks to get back. Some of the nut ones even take longer. I am always so hopeful before testing, but my hopes are always dashed. Prayers said, and everything crossed that this time is different. I am praying that we can schedule challenges for Isabel! Keep us in your prayers this week!

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  1. Great news about adding milk back in. I was HUGELY relieved when we found out Bennett could handle all dairy products. Such a different world than we dealt with Nicholas.

    Good luck with the allergy testing. I'll be praying for good results. We go back in October, so I'll be asking for prayers then! I know EXACTLY how you feel about getting your hopes up before the tests. I always hit rock bottom when the results come back because each time for us it has been that something new is added and nothing gets better. I can't wait for the day I can leave beaming from the office with negative results and a passed challenge! I get scared that day will never come but I continue to hope and pray that it will, for both of us.