Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well, Isabel celebrated her birthday this past month with THREE celebrations, and three cakes! For her first kids party, we ordered a vegan pull apart cake from Whole Foods. THey needed 2 weeks notice because the custom vegan cakes come from the "main store" but we were pleased. Since I am still soy free, I was not able to taste it myself, but everyone told me it was wonderful! Isa chose chocolate cake and white frosting, with orange flowers. Nothing over the top in decor, but safe, tastey, cute, and convenient to just pull the cupcakes out!

I made her a chocolate cake of my own. I will post the recipe soon, but I frosted it with a simple tub of Pillsbury white frosting. Tonight, I begin my own cake decorating classes, so hopefully soon I will be able to post a tastey frosting recipe with it!

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